So THIS is why . . .

Today, while Jonathan, Mike, Jordan and Tim finished up the plumbing, I was working on packing some of our non-essentials. That is not as easy as it sounds, for several reasons.

First: while some things (pictures, decorations, etc.) are obviously non-essentials, some things aren’t. The kitchen is just really hard to pack early because unless you’re the most organized person in the world, there’s no way to know exactly which utensils and pots will be used between now and our moving date.

Second: we still don’t know our move-in date.

Third: I have moved a lot – eight times, this one is my ninth – but until today I didn’t realize how often packing involves getting on the floor and back up. I didn’t notice because it hasn’t always been as difficult as it was today.

So that is why everyone tells me I’m crazy to be moving at this stage in my pregnancy. Hmmm.

But I did get quite a bit done when I figured out it was easier to put things on the table, and put the box on a chair. I also bought paper plates and plastic cups so I could pack the real ones.

In other words: my house looks worse than when I started, but there is a stack of boxes at my door to prove I actually did something today.


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  • Rustybadger

    Bah – eight moves? Huh, we’ve moved NINE times just since our wedding 15 years ago. I myself have moved 42 times (unless I have missed a few my mother didn’t tell me of), so if you need real moving advice, I can give it to ya. And if you just want made-up moving advice, I can give ya that too. I’m good either way. I do know that boxes are important, at any rate.

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