House, Home and Baby

Well, today is a good day. The plumbing and electrical guys came this morning, and signed off on everything. PRAISE THE LORD! We’ve got work to go yet, but now it’s just a matter of getting it done on our timing.

Also, my doctor is planning a vacation over my due date (I know! The nerve!) 🙂 so if there was ANY CHANCE the baby would be close by the end of next week, he was going to induce me. He checked, and there’s no chance. In fact, she’s so relaxed in her current locale he’s pretty confident that I’m going over a few days. He’ll check me again next week, but it looks like we’ll be moving into the new house before she arrives (good news) and my doctor will be back in time to deliver her (good news) and I’m going to be pregnant about as long as possible (which is fine).


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