How do . . .

So one of the few jobs I have been allowed to perform at the house is the installation of electrical outlets. It involved sitting quietly on a bucket in a corner, which everyone pretty unanimously agreed even a pregnant woman could handle. So as I was working on it, it made me wonder: how do pot bellied electricians and plumbers do their jobs?

I mean, I’d do a couple of outlets, and then have to walk around a few minutes to catch my breath before I could move on to the next couple of outlets. So how do men with bellies as large, or larger than mine do this for a living? The only answer I could come up with was: they hired younger guys to do the bending over jobs. Our friend Jim suggested they just had more practice at holding their breath.

Anyway, those are the things I’ve been pondering as I’ve wandered through these last few weeks of pregnancy.


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