Daily Archives: July 26, 2007

Pagan Fertility Worship and Baby Names

At the beginning of July, Amanda left a comment for me that someone had found her blog by typing “pomegranate fertility tattoo” into Google. This made me wonder, so I did the same search. Turns out that Pomegranates are pagan symbols of fertility.

So I guess in some ways it’s fitting to name this little fertile blessing Pomegranate, but I was just really frustrated that what had begun as a dumb joke could be interpreted as pagan idolatry.

So I stewed over it for a while until I realized that pagan superstition has no power, and the worst thing that could happen from this is a pagan looking for fertility worship can stumble across my blog and maybe get a little taste of the True Gospel of grace and freedom.

But I’ll probably stop referring to the baby as Pomegranate once she’s born. Her initials spell something, so that’s what I’ll probably use for her blog name. (Ha, Ha, now you’re really wondering, aren’t you Melissa?)