Daily Archives: July 27, 2007

What Melinda Asks For (Twice) Melinda Gets

Alright, keep in mind this was taken at 10:15 in the evening, and it’s summer in the south, and I . . . oh forget it. I’m 9 months pregnant people, and I look it.

Also, while I’m documenting largeness: here are my “Incredible Hulk” sized feet. Just in case someone cared.


No Longer In the Double Digits

My count down to the baby’s due date has dropped out of the double digits, and I’m having a really hard time wrapping my brain around this.

9 days until her due date, 14 days until I’m scheduled to be induced, and I caught myself today RSVPing to a luncheon at my real estate company saying “August 8th? I’ll be there.” I had to send a follow up saying “Um, I’ll be there if I’m not in the hospital or recovering from childbirth or having contractions. Well, maybe don’t plan to see me.”

I had a conversation with my sister about having changed our move-out to August 15th, and something I said prompted her to remind me “Um, you do know that you won’t be up to cleaning that apartment between the time the baby’s born and the 15th?” A few days ago I was watching previews for the Bourne Ultimatum, and said to Jonathan “Oh, let’s go see that one.” It opens August 3rd. He just looked at me and said “we’ll see” in this skeptical voice.

In another sign of my dysfunction, I actually thought to myself “I wonder if the hospital has wireless internet?” Like I’m going to be lying around blogging while the doctor does all the work.

You know what they say: De Nile isn’t just a river in Egypt.