Works For Me Wednesday: Robeez

Works For Me Wednesday button Well, I had a fantastic post on teething tablets, but that turned into “what didn’t work for us late Tuesday and early Wednesday”, so here’s my back up post.

I love my mac’s Robeez. We received a pair as a gift, and I’ve bought another pair on clearance at Barnes and Noble. We love them! They are essentially baby moccasins with an elastic ankle cuff. They are comfortable, and they NEVER FALL OFF! That’s right, NEVER. No more loosing socks in Target. No more chasing down little slippers in the base of the exersaucer.

They are also machine washable (I know! How cool is that!) and oh so cute! They’re slogan is: “Can you choose just one?” and I’ve got to tell ya’, now that I’ve tried them, I really want several more to match every outfit. Like these, which are oh so cute, and these just say “stylin’ ” don’t they? Then there is the little boots, which we wouldn’t use that much, but are so cute to look at!

Anyway, you get the idea. They are working for us!

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And if you want to hear the teething tablets fiasco, read it here.


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6 responses to “Works For Me Wednesday: Robeez

  • Dawn @ Baby Addiction

    We are addicted to Robeez!

    Did you try Hyland’s Teething Tablets? They work for us, but in a strange way. Baby calms down immediately after taking them, which would make me think it’s just the placebo effect, but there is absolutely no way he understands what they are used for. Weird.

    One of our teething staples is the RazBaby Razberry Teether. Baby loves it!

    Hang in there!

  • Christa @ No End in Site

    Hi… I agree with you about the greatness of this style of shoe. Target has a less expensive brand that’s just as great. My daughter was just given a pair as a gift and I love them. They were only $12.99, too. Check out these:

  • Melinda

    Cor, love Robeez…I have had them on Lucas since he was born practically…except…he kind of has pudged out in the last few weeks…and has fat ankles…rolls and all…that the elastic was pinching…so I had to cut the elastic, make it looser and glue them back in until he slims down a bit…I would have one in every colour though if I could afford it…and they are great becasue you can buy online, which is wonderful for us rural people up here…

  • Amanda

    Target carries a brand of these,too. As far as I can tell they are just like the Robeez but only cost $10-$12. I love them and my son doens’t mind having them on!

  • Cyndi

    These are CUTE! My kids are preteens/teens, but we’re adopting soon and I will definitely have to try these. Thanks!

  • Jeni

    I second the comment about Target’s Ministar version – they’re fantastic! My toddler wears them around the house all the time, since she won’t leave her socks on otherwise. She’s pretty determined, but she’s never been able to pull these slippers off!

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