Works For Me Wednesday: When the Pants are too short

Works For Me Wednesday buttonOkay, this tip comes from Donna Long, and it’s so good it deserves its own post.  I had posted about my mac’s overalls being too short on her.  They fit everywhere else, but the little legs look like she’s expecting a flood.  It’s very frustrating!

On the post, Donna suggested that . . . well, let’s get it in Donna’s own words:

Instead of giving up on the cute yellow overalls so fast (if they fit everywhere else) sew a piece of yellow eyelet around the bottom.

When I e-mailed her to thank her for the suggestion, she added the following tip for boys.

It is a wonderful trick for girls. I have used bandanas on the end of Jas’s denim overall’s. Boys are harder to lengthen than girls, but all things are doable. It is better than trying to figure out sizing.

So guess what I’m going to do with the yellow overalls?  And all the other overalls and pant suits!  It’s a great tip that works for me.

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One response to “Works For Me Wednesday: When the Pants are too short

  • Jamie

    My daughter had some pants that were getting short on her and since warmer weather is coming (I know I know…WHEN?!), I cut them a little shorter and added a fabric ruffle around the bottom to make them cute little capris/cropped pants.

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