So Sweet

My parents are in town for a couple of weeks while we’re on break, and so far it’s been one big festival of mackerdoodle appreciation.  She is, of course, thrilled to be the center of the world for four people, instead of two, and the thrill is mutual.

This afternoon I was at Wal Mart picking up groceries for the rest of the break, and Mom and Dad were tagging along, while Jonathan stayed home with a sleeping mackerdoodle.  Dad went to look around at the sensory overload that is WalMart in December, while Mom and I focused on the mundane things like bananas and frozen mixed vegetables.  Just as we were finishing up, Dad found us again.  I turned and seeing he was empty handed, asked “So, did you find anything you can’t live without?”

“Yep.”  He said, and nodded toward my mother, “That woman standing behind you.”

That’s what 36 years of happy marriage looks like folks.


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4 responses to “So Sweet

  • Diane

    Tell them I said “Hello”-watch out for Wal-Mart in December. Remember the purse incident. I will never forget that-I was like a SuperHero or something!!!

  • Melinda

    tell them enjoy the weather… -35 up here….

  • RustyBadger

    I have seen the way your mother looks at Bill, and all I can say is I hope my wife still looks at me like that in 20 years. Awesome!

  • Wendy

    I told Uncle Gerry what your Dad said and that is how he feels about me!
    Your parents have always shown their love and devotion and are a true testiment to a loving marriage. Best wishes to all of you for a joyous Christmas season. Give mackerdoodle a hug and kiss those wonderful baby cheeks for me.
    Tell your parents to enjoy the weather. Vancouver Island and the lower mainland are awash in snow. The roads are so trecherous on the island everyone has been asked to not leave home. Prince George is just cold. There was a little skiff of snow today but nothing major. Just Cold!
    Love and Best Wishes Auntie Wendy

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