That Smell

Isn’t it funny the feelings that smell evokes for us?

For instance, the mackerdoodle has had a stuffy nose the last few days and I’ve been applying menthol rub at night before bed.  The smell makes me think of my paternal grandmother every time. I don’t really know why, I just know it does.

We received a home made trail mix from one of our students before the break.  It contains almonds, craisins, and coconut and the mackerdoodle has been eating it every chance she gets.  As a result when she snuggles up to me she often smells of coconut.  I breathe in the smell and it’s like a tiny beach vacation in one deep breath.

Right now I’m making Turkey soup, and as the smell of turkey wafts through the house I think of warm holidays on colder days in my childhood.  It’s almost as if the smell itself makes me warm and cozy.

Smell is a powerful thing.  It’s one of those common graces that the Lord has provided, but which we so often take for granted.


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