And Now For Something Brainless

Apparently my brain fell out somewhere over the past week, because I posted my Wordless Wednesday on Thursday and didn’t notice until today.  I even scheduled it to post on that day.  So to give me time to recover what portion of my brain isn’t dedicated to gestation and fighting off the temptation of Cadbury Ornament Eggs, here is a post of things I didn’t write:

These people have too much time on their hands, but it’s pretty cool.

Don’t you like reading predicitons people made for the last year?  I do.

This guy batted a 0%, and confidently ends the column with an expectation that at least one prediction will come true.

Joe Scarborough confidently predicts that Barack Obama’s political aspirations in 2008 will be short lived and that Al Gore will come to the rescue of his party.

But these guys manage to have some pretty accurate predictions, if only because they disagree with each other, guaranteeing that one is bound to be at least partially accurate.

And finally, the hurricane predictions have become some of my favorite reading as we pass through yet another drought summer from lack of hurricane and tropical storm activity.

Hope that keeps you busy while I try to get my brain caught up.


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