Last night in a discussion with my parents, Jonathan said “Can I quote Spurgeon?”  I responded “I love Spurgeon!”

This morning Jawan posted this video, and after laughing at the chorus, I knew I had to share it with you.  You’ll either totally get it and laugh and laugh, or you’ll think “huh?”

The guy who wrote it has a blog which you can find by clicking here.  He’s being added to my list of people I’d like to have sit in my living room.


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4 responses to “Funny

  • Terri

    My sound isn’t working!! I tried listening to this here, at Jawan’s blog, at this guy’s blog, and on youtube and nothing worked. I could play the video, but there was no sound so I concluded it has to be my computer. Maybe you can sing it for me on Friday night? 🙂

  • RustyBadger

    That was hilarious. Berta wants to know where you fit in if you read Eugene Peterson and Dorothy Sayers; also, my sister runs a Christian bookstore and told us last week that Calvinists prefer the ESV…too funny!

    I remember how stunned I was in Grade 11 to find out that I was a Calvinist (having recently joined a Baptist church), just like those CRC kids I was in school with. Having been raised Armenian, we never discussed theology (only ‘the Holy Spirit’), so I had no clue about Calvinism. Of course, once I found out I was a Calvinist, it was such a relief to be able to stop renewing my salvation every few months!

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  • Peggy

    Wow! This wife he sings about, I think that perhaps she and I would be very best friends.

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