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I really love being a blogger, but as I peruse different blogs, I’ve realized that the same handful of bloggers get nominated for awards and mentioned in articles over and over, while some really great writers continue in oblivion.  I’ve tried to stick with the last group, because I like a small group in which my witty (ha!) comments standout.  Because, you know it’s all about me.

So anyway, here’s a neat idea: Culture 11 is offering an award with open nominations, but judged by actual judges, so it’s not a popularity contest.  Do you have someone on your blogroll that you just look forward to reading every time they post?  Do you think they should have more readers than they do?  Well, here’s your chance to pat them on the back (or blog).  Go on over to the Ladyblog award nomination form and send in their name.  In our “american idol” culture, I think this is a great idea.


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