Growing Up

My mackerdoodle hasn’t been the subject of many posts here lately, but she is a big part of my life.  She is growing up so quickly and learning so much.

She has words now, although some of them like Pahpee (Papa), Bubee (bubbles), and Puhpee (Puppy) sound very similar.  She also says “Mahmeeeee” but tends to use it as a general title for any person she feels may serve her at the moment.

Yesterday she tripped and fell.  When I picked her up, she pressed her hand against my mouth so that I could kiss it better.  I just about melted!

Her standard answer to most questions is a shake of the head and an “uh-uh”.  This includes when she’s asked “Do you want a baby brother, or baby sister.”  It appears her answer is “none of the above.”  Her world is about to be rocked in 33 weeks and counting.

She’s also learning to obey.  She comes (usually) and clearly understands basic requests and a lot of words.  For instance anytime anyone says “Go” and “Outside” within the same 30 second interval, she runs to the door and stands there expectantly.  If we say “where’s your binky?” (pacifier) she goes directly to it – unless she can’t remember where she has them stashed.  She can often fetch her shoes, and puts trash in the trash can every time when asked.

I look at her and marvel at how far she’s come, and how far she has yet to go.  I sat with my Mom and realized that Lord willing, one day I will sit with my own daughter and grand daughter.  And we will marvel at how far her daughter has come, and has yet to go.


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4 responses to “Growing Up

  • Marianne

    It’s good to have a couple Mackerdoodle posts in a row. She’s just adorable.

  • Tera Montgomery

    Have you ever asked her if she is a fire truck? Loran loves to ask Lillian this and her answer is always an affirmative nod of the head 🙂

    Mackerdoodle with LOVE being a big sister…she is a very caring little girl, just ask Lillian, Tiffany, and Abigail.

  • Melinda

    hey!! don’t you mean 23 weeks and counting??? please tell me that we are farther along than that!

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