All By Myself – Sort of

In more than 13 years of marriage, Jonathan and I have been apart overnight for less than a dozen nights total.  In fact, the last time he was away overnight was in 2004, when I was working in Real Estate and he and Rob went to Virginia to meet with a preacher – or maybe it was that year when he and Rob went to Michigan to close on Rob’s house.  I can’t remember which came first.  The few times Jonathan has been away, I have had a tradition of watching chick flicks and eating horribly.  This was all, of course, before I had children.

This afternoon Jonathan left for an overnight trip.  In the past, I would have immediately jumped in the car, gone to the video store and the convenience store, and then curled up on my couch getting up only for bathroom breaks, and to rewarm my cheese dip in the microwave.  Then, an hour before expecting him home, I would jump up, clean it all up, and be waiting for him when he got home.

But this is now.  When he left, I fed the Mackerdoodle (and the Kumquat, I suppose) and then put the mackerdoodle down for a nap.  She was a little restless so in the end, we all ended up having a nap .  We’re going to go grocery shopping in a few minutes, and then after a normal supper and regularly scheduled bathtime, will come the mackerdoodle’s regular bed time.  At that point maybe I’ll have a chance to watch a chick flick (singular) and feel the Kumquat making a few exploratory movements before I fall asleep myself.    Maybe, just for old time’s sake, I’ll get a small container of cheese dip.  Just for tradition’s sake you understand.


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