Random Things

I rarely do random lists of things, but I’m in a random mood, and there are a collection of weird, unrelated things that are floating in my mind, so I thought I’d corral them all into one post, and hopefully jump start my brain into writing some deep and meaningful posts – or at least some more posts about my mackerdoodle.

  • At my last doctor’s appointment, I’d only gained 3 pounds – a big improvement on the 12 pounds at this point with the mackerdoodle.  Jonathan asked if I got a prize for only gaining 3 pounds.  I answered that my prize was having less baby weight to lose after KumQuat arrives.
  • Yesterday we had a game night with our small group at church.  Driving home we took a corner fairly sharply and the games slid off the seat and onto the floor of the van.  There was a few seconds of silence, and then, from the middle of the van (where we thought the mackerdoodle was sleeping) came “Uh-Oh” in a clear toddler voice.
  • In the first week of January I received a box from a dear friend.  When I opened it, it contained a Code Sudoku game, and a Happy Kwanza card.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  I love good friends who get my sense of humor.  And my addiction to Sudoku.  On a side note, I learned from the insert in the game that Sudoku wasn’t in fact invented by the Japanese.  It was invented by a Swiss mathmetician, named Leonhard Euler, who named it “Latin Squares.”  The Japanese just re-named it.  After reading Euler’s biography, I think we should all embrace Sudoku as a good Christian game.  🙂
  • Girl came out to a quick lead in the KumQuat gender poll, but Boy has caught up and surpassed it.  You still have 13 days to cast your vote, if you haven’t yet.
  • In my weekend on my own I ended up having neither a chick flick nor cheese dip.  I did watch the Stargate:Atlantis finale and eat Subway and Rice Krispie treats.
  • I updated my blog roll on the side bar.
  • Jonathan is currently watching his third hour of 24 in two days.  I think they’re going to try to make the true fans live out a season of 24 in 24 hours.  I’m going to bed.

So that’s all that’s on my mind for now.  It’s sad how tiny my brain is at times.


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