Things I Miss When I’m Pregnant

  1. sushi
  2. blue Jeans
  3. more than one coffee in a day
  4. sushi
  5. my cast iron bladder
  6. sushi – I just can’t say enough how much I miss a good spicy tuna roll dipped in wasabi and soy sauce!  And a tuna tataki!  And Japanese women eat it all the time when they’re pregnant, but here we’re told not to eat raw fish, so I’m obedient and I don’t.  But I miss it!  I guess I could have cooked sushi, but really, it’s not the same.
  7. sleep, but I’ve missed that since 2006

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After 11 years of infertility, I am now a mother to three, a wife of a Presbyterian (ARP) preacher and a struggling homemaker. Welcome to my little corner of the net. Kick off your shoes, put your feet up and join the conversation. View all posts by Coralie

3 responses to “Things I Miss When I’m Pregnant

  • Laura

    It is amazing the things you miss when you are pregnant. Mine always we bending down.

  • Jen

    I so agree! I’m not a huge sushi eater but boy do I miss it now! I’m pregnant with my first child and didn’t realize how much sleep I would be missing right from the start. I guess it’s just preparing me to be up all night with my baby and then woken up often until the children leave home.

  • Melinda

    hey Cor…about the blue jeans….have you tried bella bands??? it’s like the top band part of maternity jeans…but fits over your normal jeans….so you can wear your jeans with the fly wide open, put this band over your fly and growing belly and wear your jeans almost all the way thru your pregnancy…so far I am liking them…

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