Saturday Book Review: Bear Snores On

The book Bear Snores On was a gift to my mackerdoodle back when she was still hanging out in utero and called “Pomegranate.”  When we took our summer road trip up to help my sister and her husband move, I brought a lot of board books as part of the ” mackerdoodle entertainment package.”  When I read most of them, Jonathan would sit in the front seat and listen to talk radio.

When I got to “Bear Snores On,” Jonathan turned off the radio and said “I want to know how this ends.”  After that, periodically he’d say “Hey let’s hear the slumbering bear one again.”

During our visit with our family, my oldest nephew was sitting in the back seat of my car and he picked up the book.  He read it aloud and when he got to the end, he laughed and laughed and said, “That is NOT how I thought that story was going to end!”

With beautiful illustrations and equally beautiful language (“from the fluff cold snow”,  “the coals pip-pop”) this is a truly entertaining story.  On a cold blustery night, several animals sneek into a bear’s den to escape the weather.  They quickly create a festive event with food and warmth, but in the background, the bear snores on.  What will happen if he wakes up?

I think this should be on every book shelf.  It’s bound to be a favorite with any story loving family.


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