Why the Kumquat Has to be a . . .

Well, this time next week we will know the gender of the child growing in my womb.  In the poll boy is winning, but we all know that gender is not determined by popular vote.  It is apparently determined by what I eat. 🙂  Regardless, there are some very compelling reasons that . . .

. . . the Kumquat must be a girl.

  • clothes and rooms can be shared
  • I LOVE having a sister!
  • they can be “partners in crime”
  • they can be in each other’s weddings
  • when we get together with my sister and her family, girls will ALWAYS rule!

. . . the Kumquat must be a boy.

  • mackerdoodle will have protection
  • I can have my sister’s boy hand-me-downs
  • Jonathan will have a hunting partner
  • I ALWAYS wanted a brother
  • when we get together with my sister and her family, we’ll be gender even again.

So you can clearly see that I am torn about the gender of this baby.  I know that the Lord will give us what he has appointed for us to have and that it will be for His glory and our sanctification.  Either way, we’ll be okay with it.


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2 responses to “Why the Kumquat Has to be a . . .

  • Diane

    Another boy point to add and I have found this out recently-Boys love their mama. Girls do too but they love to cuddle with their daddy more and boys want to cuddle with Mama on cold winter mornings!

  • melissa

    WHAT???!!! I thought EVERYTHING was determined by popular vote. You just burst my mobocracy bubble.

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