All By Myself – Redux

There is a scrapbooking store here in my home city that offers classes and contests and all sorts of scrapbook related (heavily estrogen enriched) activities.  One of the things they offer twice a month is an all day crop.  From opening at 10:00 am, until midnight that night, you can come and sit in a room full of other scrapbooking women and make pages until your eyes turn to patterned paper, and your fingers bleed from the paper cuts.

In addition to the inspiration of plagiarizing other people’s pages watching other women scrapbook,  you also get free access to all of the store’s die cut machines, punches, and other nifty machines.  PLUS, if you’re a “fly by the seat of your pants” scrapbooker like I am, you can come to a page and look at it and think “Ugh.  It needs something else.  But what?”  And guess what?  You’re in a scrapbooking store with a selection of chipboard cutouts, rub-ons, paper, stickers, embelleshments etc. all for sale.

You may remember back in November I blogged about my need for ten hours of uninterrupted scrapbooking time in order to get my mackerdoodle’s baby book caught up, before I begin another.  Shortly after that blog, I signed up for an all day crop at this local store.  Of course, I work every Friday, but I thought I’d have an early supper and get between six and seven hours of scrapbook time in.  I was really looking forward to it.  Until my phone rang, just as I was finishing up my Subway sandwich.  The mackerdoodle was throwing up at home, and Jonathan needed two extra hands to clean both of them (and the floor, and the couch) up.

I know it’s now the middle of January, but last Friday I was able to get to my first all day crop.  It was an “All By Myself” evening like I haven’t had since the mackerdoodle arrived.  Sure, there was no chick flick, but I had chick conversation and I got to eat cheese dip for supper (not ONLY cheese dip) and I stayed out until 11:30 at night!  I know!  I’m a wild child!

The next day was a pretty easy day: the mackerdoodle and I went grocery shopping, and I did some laundry.  After lunch, I mentioned to Jonathan that the mackerdoodle had been pretty clingy.

Jonathan responded with, “Well, she’s not used to you being gone for supper, bath time and bed time.”  (and here is were I remind you that he is MY husband, which makes him TOTALLY TAKEN)  “So if she was really clingy today, ” he continued (remember: taken) “I think you should go out for the evening more often so she can learn that you will come back when you go out.”

Oh yeah.  He said I should go out MORE OFTEN.  I have a GOOD husband!  Who’s taken.  He’s totally taken.


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8 responses to “All By Myself – Redux

  • Jawan

    i just signed up for the 2/6 crop.

  • a suburban housewife

    Maybe you could go out Saturday night in the ‘Boro? Where mac will have scads of attentive children to keep her occupied?

  • Terri

    Which store does the crops? It would take me a year’s worth of all day crops to catch up my scrapbooks.

    And, next time you go out for girl time don’t forget to take your friends–me, me, me, me, ME!! 🙂

  • AJU5's Mom

    I am finishing planning an all day crop (and other craft) day at our church. There won’t be quite as many people or tools available, but we are more than willing to share our tools. Hopefully my daughter will be able to handle a full day without me!

  • Kristi-Anna

    Good for Jonathan!! My Michael is alot like that… “just GO!” he says! 😀

  • Renee

    I am totally in favor of a night out. I am going away with the girls to scrapbook in a few weeks and I can’t wait. We eat, talk, eat some more and I can actually get caught up on my kid’s albums. The best part you only have to take care of yourself!

  • shanna

    About your words on grain intolerance last year.
    Couldn’t comment on that one it seems, so I will here (if you don’t mind). You can hopefully delete it.
    Milk AND wheat/cereals are seen as being wholesome/healthy food for everyone. That is not right. People will not “grow” over it. It may seem so, but problems remain. Some physicians say grain intolerance is the cause of several types of disease like reumatism, astma, chron’s disease, high bloodpressure etc. My mom had high bloodpressure for 3 years, and medication for it. When she stopped eating grains/cereals/wheat, the bloodpressure was gone in a couple of months. I have lungproblems and reumatism and I stopped eating normal grains for 7 years now. The medication I had for 10 years didn’t help me, but I have less pain not eating dairy products and grain. What I can eat is kamut and spelt wheat, or wholesprouted wheats. But some people can’t even take that. I also am able to eat rice crackers.

    A publication by Loren Cordain may give you some more insight.
    Cereal Grains: Humanity’s Double-Edged Sword
    We are all different. And what goes well for one, doesn’t necessarily have to be the solution for someone else. With food intolerance it takes time to find out what’s “good” or “bad”.
    There is also an article I have a copy of (don’t know from what book it came though) with the title “The leaky gut: diet and the auto-immune response’. Which is very insightful as well. Just googled on “leaky gut”. There’s lot information there.
    Don’t know if this helps.
    Take care and be well.

  • Heidi Hopkins

    Now that’s the kind of scrapbooking I need . . . getting out of the house is enough trouble all on it’s own. Trying to bring everything along with me is absolutely frustrating. But to get there and then not have what I need, well that’s outright infuriating! I just can’t plan like that! Not when I haven’t had a second to myself in say, 4 days straight. I wonder if there are any stores around here like that? You lucky duck :). ~Heidi

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