Great Memories

My mackerdoodle and I have fallen into a comfortable routine that I have grown to cherish.  On the way home from school after lunch, she falls asleep in her car seat.  When I pull into the driveway, she is generally fast asleep, and often drooling.  I lift her from her car seat, and she wraps her arms around my neck, snuggling her face into my shoulder.  I lay her down on the bed, and she snuggles into the pillow.

While she’s sleeping, I try to get something done.  Let’s define “something” loosely here.  If you look closely at the time stamps on the blog, you’ll notice a suspicious amount of them get published during nap time.  Regardless, at some point she will wake up, and then comes my favorite part of the afternoon.

When I hear her waking up, I go into the bedroom and lie down beside her.  Sometimes it’s been a short nap and I try to lull her back to sleep.  About half of the time that works.  But most of the time she snuggles into me for a few minutes and then grins at me, sits up and points to the door, saying “mama.”

For a few minutes every afternoon I get some quiet snuggle time with my very busy daughter and I cherish it.  I don’t know how that will change when we add another child to the mix, and maybe that’s why I’m treasuring every minute of it now.  When I lie down on the bed beside her sleepy little frame, I can already feel her sibling make him/herself known – inserting that third party into the mix.

Every day the mackerdoodle is a little longer and takes up more of the bed.  Every day her sibling is a little bigger and takes up more of me.  Every day I snuggle up beside my beautiful answer to prayer, and feel my little miracle baby kick and I understand that passage in scripture that says “Mary treasured up all these things in her heart.”  I never want to forget these fleeting days.


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2 responses to “Great Memories

  • Tera Montgomery

    Amen! I am so happy that you are getting to experience these wonderful feelings: physically, emotionally, spiritually (grammatically, ecumenically…I’m starting to sound like a movie character I love…).

  • Anu

    Hi Coralie, Its great fun to see Mac grow!! I wish u good health and a healthy baby.

    Loads of love for Mac!!


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