And His Name Shall Be Called . . .

Well, a new pregnancy in a new church means a new round of explaining to our new friends that we’re weird and don’t tell anyone our babies’ names before they are born.  This was a weird thing with the mackerdoodle, as people wanted to purchase monogrammed gifts for her shower and I had to say “Er, we’re not telling.”  This time around it’s coming up more in the context of “So, will he be a Jonathan Jr.?”

I feel very confident in telling you that my husband has ALWAYS insisted that he’s not going to have a “little Johnny” and he remains insistent on that point.  When asked, I generally laugh it off and say that Jonathan’s partial to Hebrew names. Of course the name Jonathan IS Hebrew, so it’s a non-sequitor, but it does tend to change the focus of the conversation.

Case in point: when my friend Jawan’s children suggested we name our son Scooter, or Sneaker, and I mentioned the partiality to Hebrew names, she came up with these suggestions, complete with their meanings, and her thoughts on each.  I laughed SO hard, that I had to share them here with you:  Her thoughts are in italics.

1. ELYEHOWEYNAY – Hebrew name meaning “unto God are my eyes.” In the bible, this is the name of many characters, including a priest and a Korahite temple doorkeeper. Let’s hear [Mackerdoodle] say this one.

2.ABIYSHALOWM – Hebrew name meaning “father of peace.” In the bible, this is the name of the father-in-law of Rehoboam. You must close your eyes and bow head every time you say this name.

3. CHAGGIY – Hebrew name meaning “festive.” In the bible, this is the name of a son of Gad. Shake your tail-feather.

4. NEBUWKADNETSTSAR – Hebrew name of foreign origin, defend my crown” or “defend my firstborn son.” In the bible, this is the name of a ruler of Babylon who conquered Judah and Jerusalem and destroyed temples. Wasn’t this a character on Star Wars?

All of this made me consider funny names and the blogonym we’ve ascribed the little critter.  I agree with Treena that Kumquat sounds too feminine.  Maybe because it’s a fruit, and who wants a fruity son?  Maybe because it’s tropical and makes me think of umbrella drinks, which makes me think that same thought.

Regardless, it is time to announce at least one of my son’s names.  Here on the blog, his blogonym shall hence forth be: Cheesedoodle. I had already planned this.  See, we have a mackerdoodle, and now a cheesedoodle, and together they can be mac n cheese.  If the Lord gives us another one, I’ll have to add a doodle, like snickerdoodle.

Then they could be mac n cheese with snickers.

MMMMM.  Now I’m getting hungry.


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4 responses to “And His Name Shall Be Called . . .

  • Jawan

    I think Cheesedoodle is quite fitting.

  • AJU5's Mom

    I love the list of names!
    And another reason not to give away the name – what if it was a mistake and it is actually a girl? You don’t want monogrammed things that you can’t use!
    (We didn’t even find out the gender – talk about people bugging you!)

  • a suburban housewife

    When I looked at #4 fast, I thought it said “Nakedstar.”

    Also, your fourth baby could just be “doodlebug.” 🙂 Miss y’all.

  • Lily

    Welcome to Cheesedoodle. Obviously there are other people in the family that is slightly inclined to head for the ‘golden arches’ when they are feel the urge. Just remember that not all this family can spell very well when you settle on a name. If it isn’t in ‘spell check’ then forget it. Actually Coralie wasn’t in spell check either, come to think of it.

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