25 Things

I keep getting tagged in this meme that’s floating around Facebook, so I thought I’d do one post, here at the blog, and then share it with Facebook as well.  This will be completely random and not deep in any way, so if you were hoping to find out my position on the regulative or non-regulative nature of saxaphones in corporate worship, you’ll have to e-mail me directly.  🙂

1.  I have now lived in Georgia more than 10 years, which means when I go back to Canada, I FREEZE!

2. My dream surprise birthday party would be: a meal in my kitchen cooked by my husband and eaten with Karl Rove, Neal Boortz and Charles Krauthammer.

3.  Then, after supper, all my friends would come over for dessert and drinks and we’d play dumb games like Cranium and Taboo and laugh ourselves stupid.

4.  In the morning, the out of town guests like Chris and Adrienne, Rob and Sherri and my sister and brother-in-law would still be here, and Jonathan would make waffles and we’d sit around the table eating waffles and drinking coffee until noon.

5.  I think #3 is acheivable.

6.  I can quote most of the Princess Bride from memory.

7.  I love all things Sci Fi.

8.  I hate Star Wars.

9.  I don’t think Star Wars counts as Sci Fi.

10.  I make up strange songs to go with every day life.

11. For instance I sang to my daughter “I love baby fat and I cannot lie.  You otha mothas can’t deny: when my daughter walks in with her thighs and double chin and those cheeks on that cute face, you say Oh my!  I want to squeeze them.  I want to come right over and kiss them!”  for the first six months of her life.

12.  I would love to be a political speech writer . . .

13.  . . . or write fiction . . .

14.  . . . or invent something simple, but useful that would pay me residuals for the rest of my life.

15.  I love to read!

16.  My favorite books are A Wrinkle in Time and Jane Eyre.

17.  My favorite living author is Terry Pratchett.

18.  My favorite dead author is J.R.R. Tolkein.

19.   My least favorite authors are Jane Austen and Charles Dickens.

20.  I used to tell people that Roller coasters make me sick.

21.  They do, but even if they didn’t I wouldn’t ride them, because I am SCARED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL.

22.  I have the best husband in the world.  The best anyone could hope for is third, because I think my Mom and my sister snagged the ties for second.

23.  If I could go anywhere in the world I’ve never been, I’d have a hard time narrowing the list down to one place.  I pretty much want to see everywhere in the world except Korea and China.  I think I’d probably pick South Africa though.

24.  If I could go BACK to anywhere in the world I’ve already been, it would be Puerto Rico.  I loved Puerto Rico.

25.   I come from a long line of travellers.  My maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother were immigrants. (Grandma from England to Canada, Pop from Scotland to Australia) My aunt went to Australia for a visit in the 1960’s and never went back home to Canada.  She’s still there.  My dad went to visit her several years later, and brought my Mom back to Canada with him in the early ’70’s.  They hitchhiked through Southeast Asia for their honeymoon.  Now I’m an immigrant.  It makes me wonder where my children will end up.


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4 responses to “25 Things

  • melissa

    Why wouldn’t you want us there with Rove, Boortz and Krauthammer?

  • Rhett Moffat

    You know I’m not sure where to tag myself here, somewhere between princess bride and waffles. Because I would want to be there for breakfast…will there be bacon with said waffles?? and well princess bride just seems popular at TWU as their is always posters up for the showings of it every way and it’s kind of that places fault (Nortwhest Baptist College) that I know you 🙂 although I blame the Heavenly Father also, but in a good way. Hope all is well.

  • Heidi Hopkins

    Korea and China are practically the only places I’ve been *able* to visit and they’re gorgeous!!! Don’t rule them out entirely or you might regret it :). Seriously gorgeous landscapes; God’s fingerprints all over them! Not as majestic as the Canadian Rockies, but almost (if that were possible).

  • Terri

    What?! You don’t like Dickens and Austen? Only two of the greatest authors in the English language!

    Also, I have to disagree with you on number 22 of course. 🙂

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