What, Me? Oh Yes, I’m still alive.

I haven’t been around the blog over the weekend because I’ve been busy.

Friday night I went scrapbooking again.  I was REALLY looking forward to it, but I was disappointed when my friend Terri got sick at the last minute and couldn’t join us.  Nevertheless, I was able to complete more pages than I did the last time, and I had the opportunity to be rescued by an actual published scrapbooker.  It was off the chain, as the kids say these days.  While I was busy randomly gluing pictures, like a pre-schooler, Amanda was chatting with Jawan about a layout.  She said “What cute paper.  Who makes it?”  I thought “Uh, duh, what?  People care about brand name PAPER?”  It just goes to prove that I am, as my husband observed, a scrapbook poser.  BUT I’m a scrapbook poser who has scrap booked in the very same room as actual real life scrapbookers.  Those scrapbookers think my daughter is adorable.

Generally, I go grocery shoppingon Saturday morning – before 10:00 am, if possible – but every eight to ten weeks I temporarily lose my sanity and walk into WalMart on a Saturday afternoon.  This Saturday was one of my total insanity days.  After putting the mackerdoodle down for a nap, I headed out to do my grocery shopping.  I remembered why I don’t go to WalMart on Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately I remembered it while I was trapped in the midst of canned goods, between a couple chatting in the middle of the aisle,  and two senior citizens trying to decide which brand of bran to purchase.

Fortunately, my Saturday was rescued when I returned home to learn from my husband that we were going to a Hockey Game.  Now for an ex-patriot Canadian couple, and invitation to a hockey game is a no-brainer “Yes.”  Add to that the 1/2 price ticket coupon, the fact that the mackerdoodle was young enough to get in for free, and meeting good friends at the game, and you’ve got almost the perfect evening.  Almsot, because the home team lost.  Regardless, we had a fantastic evening of friends, fun and entertainment.

But the weekend was not over.  On Sunday evening we had the privilege of attending the “Lasting Relationships” dinner with our church family.  While the mackerdoodle played delightedly with other children, Jonathan and I had our first evening out together in quite some time.  It was a fantastic evening.  We laughed, we ate and we had fellowship with some awesome people.

So it’s been a busy weekend, but I wouldn’t have traded it for one hundred blog posts.  How was your weekend?


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2 responses to “What, Me? Oh Yes, I’m still alive.

  • Jawan

    We had a good time with you all at the hockey game. Thanks for looking past the tough parenting moments and bearing with us. Scrapping was a highlight and I’m looking forward to doing it next month at the church.

  • Terri

    Pretty much I was sick all weekend, but I did feel well enough to enjoy some wonderful fellowship Sunday night and win a game of Skip-Bo to boot.

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