A Reminder

After two neurotic posts in a row here’s something to make all of us mothers remember some of the reasons we do it.


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2 responses to “A Reminder

  • Wendy

    Well, I’ve learned a few things or maybe I relearned them as it has been years since there has been a baby in my house.
    First: being on your back is as good as being on your front
    Second: babies can sure move
    Third: practicing in utero has prepared babies quite well for getting around
    Fourth: no wonder babies need naps
    Fifth: no wonder parents get tired-from looking after babies
    Sixth: I wish I had the energy of a baby
    Seventh: the world is an adventuresome place, just even a room
    Eighth: it’s so much fun to watch this video
    Ninth: all that movement made me kind of tired – the power of suggestion
    Tenth: taste testing is very important for babies
    This is what just came to me but I’m sure there is more that I have learned.

  • Marianne

    That was really hilarious. I’m now exhausted from watching it.

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