Living With A Toddler

My mackerdoodle is getting older and more like a little girl, instead of a baby, every day.  She’s slow with the words, I think, but they’re coming along.  She woke up Saturday morning saying “No” quite clearly and emphatically.  She can pick things up and help (I said “can” not “does”.  It’s a work in progress) and can identify her body parts, when asked – usually. 

She’s also fairly good at remembering where she’s stashed things, but not so good at communicating that to her mama.  When asked “where is your binky?” or shoes, or daddy,  she will stretch out her arm and point in a vague, waving, 15 degree sort of angle.  When I find the item in question (in the case of her daddy I already know where he is, I’m just playing with her) it’s usually within that field she’s covered with her finger, but it’s not that precise.

So these things came together on Sunday afternoon.  She had finished her supper before we left for Small Group and was standing with Jonathan and I, sort of doing her own thing.  Suddenly she looked at Joanthan, wrinkled up her nose, and rubbed it, saying “tinky, tinky.” 

“Who’s stinky?” asked Jonathan.

And with all the precision and drama of a Perry Mason witness stand revelation, she lifted her little arm, extended her index finger and without hesitation or wavering in any way, pointed directly at me.

Jonathan just about spit his coffee across the living room and bent over in half crowing with delight. 

Ah the dignity of living with a toddler.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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4 responses to “Living With A Toddler

  • Jawan

    Soon, she’ll be telling all your personal “stuff” to the world. It will be scary to leave her with others once she turns three or four b/c you never know what she will tell others of what she has seen and heard at home.

  • Marianne

    I almost laughed water out of my nose at that. Man… I’m afraid of that stage. Fortunately we’re still at the mama, dada, kitty, hi, ya (yes), nya (no) stage. I FEAR THE HUMILIATION! 🙂

  • Melinda

    Cor…Lucas knows that if I ask him “where’s Lucas’ baby?” he can pat my bulging tummy and say “baby”…the other day I asked him and he patted the bulge of my husband…and then, when we were in the supermarket, he saw a rather large lady and kept pointing and saying “baby, baby”….i didn’t know what he was talkinga bout until we were about 2 feet away and he was pointing emphatically at her bulge and yelling “baby, baby”….thankfully, she didnt’ understand and thought he was calling himself baby and began to say it back to him…

  • a suburban housewife

    Hilarious! Just the beginning 🙂 I am really, really, REALLY missing y’all, and you’ve been on my heart (to borrow a southernism) for the past few days. Can’t wait ’til April!

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