I Guess That’s Why They Do It

Well, the mackerdoodle has become a fan of Curious George on our local GPB station.  In the afternoon she wakes from her nap and has a snack and some nice cold soy milk while she watches George and then she and I get into the van and go get Daddy from school.  I like the kids public T.V. because it doesn’t have all the commercials that the other kids channels have.  I assumed that by letting the mackerdoodle watch PBS Kids, I was avoiding exposing her to blatant commercialism.

On president’s day, as we were driving to meet some of the other children at Chick-Fil-A, the mackerdoodle was playing one of her favorite car games.  We’d drive past a dog and she’d point and say “Wo-Wo”.  She pointed at the clouds and said, “Bubbles”.   Then she began pointing wildly and freaking out a little bit.  I couldn’t figure out what was making her anxious, until I saw it.  There on the right was Chuck E. Cheese.  One of the sponsors of Curious George is Chuck E. Cheese.  She sees Chuck E. the mouse every afternoon over snacks and soy milk, and seeing him in “real life” on a store front made her want to go where he was.

So much for avoiding blatant commercialism.  I guess advertising really works.  Even on toddlers only exposed to public television.