There are still little patches of snow in the north shadows of trees, shrubs and roofs.  I know that doesn’t sound like  a big deal to you Yankees and Canadians, but the last time we had this much snow for this long in Georgia was 1973!  That’s pretty significant. 

Those last trace reminders of our brief wintery experience will be gone by the end of the day, however, as our temperatures will be well into the 70’s for the next few days.  March tends to be this way for us; cool mornings and evenings with wildly unpredictable day time highs making dressing yourself (let alone a toddler) for the day a complicated feat indeed.  Sometimes we end up wearing clothes from every season in the same week – or even the same day. 

The complications are more than compensated for, however, by the fact that by the end of March we will have blooming azalea, budding trees, and bundles of wildflowers showing their faces.  Our winter daffodils, snow drops and pansies will begin to wilt and drop their flowery petals as spring time begins to rouse the world with freshness, green and warmth.  By the end of March people will be planting vegetable gardens and annual flowers.  The hanging ferns and flower baskets will be back out on the porches, often joined by the re-hung porch swings and uncovered grills.  March always marks the end of high heating bills, and is often a month of open windows and doors, spring time walks and yard work.

So there may be the odd patch of snow, but Spring is on the horizon, and I can feel it coming.