Words Glorious Words

I’ll  admit that I have been worried about the mackerdoodle’s verbal development.  I really thought that an 18 month old should be communicating much more effectively than mine was, and despite her active, engaging personality, her passion for cuddles and her easy smile, I was beginning to think “autism.”  I know, I know.

Well over the last week she has begun having new, very clear, words almost every day.  The first one we noticed was “no”.  She had been shaking her head for quite a while, but one Saturday morning she woke up at 6:30 in the morning, and when Jonathan asked her if she would let Daddy sleep for a little longer, she sat up and said, “No.”

The next was: “Hello.”  She had been saying “hey” or “hi” for quite a while, but recently added a very clear “Hello” to her vocabulary.  And to make it even better the third or fourth time she said it was to my mother on the telephone!  Another recent word is “happy,” which she said over and over on the way to school one morning.  She puts her hands above her head and says “YAY!”, when you ask her what a cow says, she says “mooo,” and I’ve already written about “stinky.”   We’ve begun saying to each other “Did she just say . . .” more and more, and the Middle School kids at school are trying to teach her to say “Mike Wazowski” because they think she sounds like Boo from Monsters Inc.

On Wednesday we took a walk together as a family, and the mackerdoodle was riding the last half a block on Jonathan’s shoulders (we call it the mackerdoodle weight training program) and pointing to things.  We were pointing to trucks and cars and trees and squirrels.  I pointed to a house and said “and a house,” and the mackerdoodle said “house.”

Jonathan and I said “Did she just say house?”  and she threw her hands above her head and said “YAY.”

I guess we’re all a little excited about understanding each other.