Daily Archives: March 9, 2009

The Cheesedoodle

Looking back over posts at this point in my pregnancy with the mackerdoodle, I realize that she was a central character in my blogging narrative, as she remains today.  Unfortunately, as is so often the case with second children (just ask my poor sister) the cheesedoodle is playing second fiddle to his sister.  In fact, after posting about his gender, the cheesedoodle has been mentioned only in passing.

This is not a reflection of his importance in my life.  In fact, as I type he is jumping and kicking up a storm, which he does with regularity.  He is an active little boy, just like his sister was, but I think he’s going to be bigger.  It may just be a typical 2nd pregnancy, but I’m SO much bigger out front this time even though I haven’t gained as much weight anywhere else.  I’m already at that waddling stage – but not all the time, just at the end of the day or when I’ve been lugging him around for a while and my back and hips are beginning to long for labor pains.  According to my blog archives I reached that stage at 29 weeks with the mackerdoodle.  So I’m about a month ahead.

My feelings and fears are different with the cheesedoodle as well.  I was terrified that the mackerdoodle would be early and we wouldn’t be finished renovating the house.  Now I’m just fine if the cheesedoodle is a little early.  In fact, delivering at 37 or 38 weeks (last week of May, or first week of June) would be just fine with me – late enough for a healthy son, but not late.  Again, that would make me a little less than a month ahead.

Right now I’m wondering if my cheesedoodle will look as much like his daddy as the mackerdoodle does.  I’m wondering if he will also have a black mowhawk, a contagious giggle and sparkling eyes like his sister.  I’m looking forward to seeing how much like the mackerdoodle he will be, and how different they will be.  But because I now have a frame of reference, I am also thinking of him not just as a baby, but as a toddler.  I’m looking at the mackerdoodle running around my yard, and I’m thinking that in two years the cheesedoodle will be doing these things – but in a boy way.

I’m sure that once the cheesedoodle arrives he will take a much more prominent place in my blogging – providing he leaves me with enough time to keep blogging.  🙂