Not So Glorious Words

Jonathan and I have worked out a division of labor:  I have the evening/night, and he takes the morning shift.  This works out perfectly as I’m a night owl and he’s a morning person.

Well, after a fun filled (and nap free) first day of spring break, the mackerdoodle was fast asleep last night at 6:15, and slept through until 7:30 this morning.  Jonathan and I, however, thinking “Oh we don’t have work in the morning” stayed up much later than we usually do.  When the mackerdoodle awoke at 7:30, Jonathan sighed and asked her his standard question: “Do you want to get up?”  I think this is done in the vain hope that she’ll say “No” and lie back down.  Just as every morning, she nodded enthusiastically, and then said “Momeeeeeee”.

Jonathan grinned and said “Sure.  I can live with that choice.”

I think need to explain the concept of “division of labor” to my daughter.   🙂