St. Louis Spring Break

Well, it was chilly weather, but not  a chilly reception in St. Louis.  We had a great time over our Spring Break, and on the last day, after meeting a lot of really nice people, and having a really great time, we ventured into the metropolis of St. Louis to find the zoo.

At the center of St. Louis is a 1300 acre park that includes several free museums and a free zoo.  (FREE!  ZOO!)  It is located just off I-64 and is easily accessible – when St. Louis isn’t undertaking road construction on every second street around the park, and on I-64 itself.  We drove in concentric circles around the city for 40 minutes trying to figure out how to actually find this zoo of which we had heard so much.

When we found it, an hour and ten minutes before it closed, we were NOT disappointed!  The weather was cold (I may have already mentioned that.  It made an impression on me.) so some of the warm weather animals, like kangaroos and chimpanzees were somewhere being a lot warmer than I was, but the mackerdoodle’s favorite animals were out, and active.

The bears (especially the grizzlies) were wandering their habitats which entertained the mackerdoodle immensely.  The penguin display alone was worth the confusing drive, and we spent almost half of our time there being entertained by the little tuxedoed birds.   For  little more than an hour, my generally verbose daughter just watched, wide-eyed, as we passed animal after animal.  The large cats were up and active, and inspired an “Oooooooh” from the mackerdoodle.  The Somali Wild Asses were running laps around their habitat, which was very entertaining – they look like donkeys with zebra striped soccer socks.

It was a fantastic trip, and I would like the opportunity during warmer weather to return to St. Louis and Forest Park and explore some more.  If you find yourself in St. Louis, it’s worth battling the road construction and confusing directions just to see the zoo, I think the entire park would take days to enjoy fully.  One day I’d like to try.