Proof that Frustration Just Makes Things Worse

Just before leaving for St. Louis, I got the camera out to check the batteries and basically make sure it was ready for the trip.  The memory card wasn’t in it, so I reached for my computer card reader – the only other place I put the card.  It wasn’t there either.

At this point I got frustrated with myself.  The camera takes an XD memory card which is half the size of an SD card, making finding it in my home virtually impossible.  I looked all the places I could think it may have been set down, but even as I looked, I knew that I was going to be shelling out money for a new card.

I reached that realization as I was removing the batteries from the camera.  I grumbled and muttered at my stupidity to take the card from my card reader and not replace it in the camera as I took the battery cover off the camera.  Because of some past stupidity on my part, the battery cover has been held to the camera with duct tape since some time last June.  Having to peel the duct tape from the battery cover, while I was already frustrated, made me even more upset with myself.  I laid aside the battery cover, and removed the batteries to place them in the charger.  As I did so, I watched the mackerdoodle pick up the battery cover and walk away with it.

Oh yeah.  I just watched it happen.

An hour later, when the batteries were charged, and I was preparing to put them back into the camera, I realized what had happened.

Have you ever tried to ask a 19 month old where she put a small piece of black plastic with metal on one side?  I went through all of the trash bags in the house because she likes throwing things away.  I swept in every nook and cranny.  I removed the cushions from every piece of furniture.  I didn’t find my battery cover.

So here’s the thing:  I lost my memory card.  While annoying, memory cards are replaceable.  In my frustration at myself for losing the card, I allowed my battery cover to be carried off.  Unlike a memory card, battery covers are not sold at the local WalMart, Staples or Best Buy, and the camera doesn’t work without it.

I took my small 2 megapixel Kodak with shutter lag to St. Louis and I’ve been bidding on broken Fuji Finepix S700 cameras on E-bay, hoping to cannibalize the battery cover.  Unfortunately other people must have toddlers and bad frustration control because I keep getting out bid – on BROKEN cameras!

I miss my camera, but as I feel the frustration at the situation rise, I think to myself  “get yourself under control girl.  Things can always get worse.”  For instance, I could end up winning an auction for a broken Fuji Finepix S700, only to have to ask myself “Now where did the mackerdoodle carry that other wise working camera?”


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