It’s Begun Again

Pregnancy brain is a real thing, and it has taken over my world.

Yesterday (March 19) I sent a note home to my elementary student parents announcing that a week from Friday (March 17) the students would receive a new spelling list.  Oh yeah.  I announced a future event and gave it a date of two days ago.  The confused parents were lined up for me at the end of the day.

Jonathan asked me for a street address.  It included the phrase “Double Churches Road.”  He asked “One word?”  I responded, “No.  Two churches.  I mean two roads.  Aaaagh.  I MEAN!  TWO!  CHURCHES!   Aaaagh.”

Pregnancy Brain.  I should carry my own yellow warning triangles for the next three months.


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One response to “It’s Begun Again

  • Crista Cowan

    Yes… now that you realize the problem, maybe next time there sweetness when you have FRUSTRATIONS as described in your previous post. You can step back and say…I know my day is going wrong like the twilight zone, I see things walking away and I have no control to stop them. Take a deep breath rub your tummy to sooth yourself. Smile and say well I will only have this pregnancy brain for only a little bit longer and go with it. That is what I definately had to do…..I remember one night I couldn’t even remember my own phone number to call home. Not good…..understand your pain. 🙂

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