This Time Around

In this pregnancy I have gained less weight, eaten better and excersised more.  I have been more active and less indulgent.  So why, oh why is it THIS pregnancy in which my blood sugar is elevated?  Next week I have to go to a 3 hour blood glucose test for possible gestational diabetes.  I don’t have time to be diabetic.  I hope the blood test will concur.


5 thoughts on “This Time Around

  1. Praying all goes well! I think it might be more common in the second pregnancy to get a false positive on the initial screening (I know of a few people who during the second pregnancy had to do the 3 hour but didn’t have gd)…

  2. In my second pregnancy I had to do TWO, not one but TWO three hour glucose tests both of which came back negative. My doctor was a bit dumbfounded but as it turned out I just had a really big baby and no gestational diabetes. I’ll pray that you don’t either.

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