Carrying Differently

My memory of my pregnancy with the mackerdoodle could possibly be tainted by time and wishful thinking, but I think my memories are of sore hips and lower back.  I remember that feeling of being slightly off kilter when I walked because I felt like my hips were carrying the entire weight of the baby.

But with the cheesedoodle I feel like I can’t sit up straight enough.  I feel like he’s clinging to the inside of my rib cage and pressing my diaphragm and I can’t catch my breath.  When I sit down, I feel the weight on my ribs, not my hips and when I walk, I feel like the entire weight of my baby bump is being carried by my stomach muscles and shoulder blades.

When I was pregnant with the mackerdoodle, I remember waking up with aching hips and having to roll over, but now I’m waking up with a sore back and shoulders and neck.  I have to sit up completely to turn over, just like with the mackerdoodle, but it’s not really helping much.  I have to get up and stretch before lying back down again.

I guess I’m sounding like a whiner.  All I meant to do was reflect on how different I was carrying the cheesedoodle.  I thought it was supposed to be boys low and girls high.  So much for old wives tales.  🙂