At Least It’s Over

Well, I sat for four hours in a lab waiting room and had my blood drawn every hour (or so.   They weren’t very punctual) and as the technicians pointed out to me, I didn’t faint.  They were very pleased that I didn’t faint.  I suppose I am too, although I didn’t go in knowing it was a likelihood.  Anyway, I’ll know tomorrow is I have gestational diabetes, but for today, I left the lab and went to Burger King.  After 16 hours without food, I figured diabetic or not  I could have some french fries.

They were good too.


3 thoughts on “At Least It’s Over

  1. I had to go through that too, for both girls, and I was a gestational diabetic with Lillian…or at least they claimed I was. My blood sugar was perfect no matter what I ate (but I did try to be good 🙂 ) My fingers HURT after months of four times a day poking (they diagnosed me quite early in my pregnancy).

    I’ll be praying that it was just elevated that one day of the first test.

    Did they give you the thick orange drink? Ewwww!

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