High Water

When I was in middle school, if we wore pants to school that came to our ankles, someone would inevitably ask, “Expecting a flood?”  “Flood pants” were the height of uncool attire, even in an era of tight rolling our pants, and Michael Jackson’s ankle length Thriller leather pants.  Like so many other trends of fashion, if you made it happen to your pants on PURPOSE it was fine, but just hitting a growth spurt was so uncool.

Well, my daughter has been walking around in flood pants for a couple of weeks, or maybe more.  I know.  She’s so uncool, (Or really, her mother is) but I keep thinking that there’s no point getting the next size clothes from the attic until the weather warms up, and the weather hasn’t warmed up.  We’ve had three weeks of torrential rain so maybe “flood pants” aren’t all that inappropriate, still, when I see her walking (trotting, really) away from me and her pants aren’t touching the top of her shoes, I can’t help but feel like I’m relegating her to a life of pocket protectors and taped up glasses.

I think I’m going to have Jonathan fetch the 24 month clothes from the attic.  Flash flood warning or not, I don’t think I can handle the flood pants for another day.


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4 responses to “High Water

  • Marianne

    I feel the same way! Nathan’s short, so I tried to stretch his 6-12 (or 9-12) month clothes for as long as possible. Well, he had a HUGE growth spurt in December and I was so not ready. Because we didn’t have any 12 month clothes, he’s wearing his 18 month pants, and they’re cuffed up about 10 times. Poor little dude.

  • a suburban housewife

    Actually, if you wait another few weeks, she will probably have a growth spurt, and the pant will be fashionably “cropped” or “capris.” 🙂

  • AJU5's Mom

    Oh, AJU5 is luckily short and has the long pants problem like Nathan. But I am struggling with what clothes to put in the closet! We had 70s for a few weeks and then snow and cold lately. So, the warm stuff and cold stuff is still out – and very little is in the closet!

  • melissa

    WEEEEEEELL, Canadian springs have this problem on steroids! On Monday, we all needed our winter jackets, mitts and hats to walk to the grocery store. Wednesday we needed our medium jackets. Today we needed either a long-sleeved t-shirt or a light shell. So with six people in the house, we now have eighteen coats available to comfortably sustain us all – in just one week! We no longer need our winter boots, but we all have our gum boots and our running shoes (plus Sunday Shoes) also clogging up the closet. Don’t even get me started on the baby who just got potty trained so the pants I just pulled out of storage are now too big… Life with both kids and seasons is a hand-to-box experience!

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