Sparkles and Hearts

Back in November, I received a great letter from my nephew.  I blogged about it at the time, and it is still hanging on my refrigerator.  I mention it now because this week it received a companion.  Zam’s sister, Glory, sent us a letter and I can’t help but smile when I look at the two letters side by side.

Zam’s letter was on a plain white piece of paper and accompanied with a detailed drawing of the X-men attacking Magneto and his mutants.

Glory’s letter had a rainbow, glittery hearts and flowers.

Zam’s letter was straight forward and to the point, informing us of the subject of his drawing and the weather.

Glory’s letter asked after our mackerdoodle’s health and informed us that they were going to be having supper with friends that evening.

Both of the letters made me smile, and both were such a treat to receive in the mail, but they’re also making me smile by comparing them side by side.  Glory’s letter is so pretty and sparkly and girly, Zam’s is so super heroes and boy.

All of it made me think that in a few years I’ll have a sparkly heart girl and a super-hero boy hopefully writing letters to their family, and I hope those letters make them smile as much as both of these letters have for me.


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One response to “Sparkles and Hearts

  • Marianne

    Too cute! There totally is a difference between boys and girls. I was just talking to a friend who has a little girl 6 months older than Nathan. She was like “Oh, so-and-so loves to read. She’s always bringing me books to read to her. She also loves playing with her doll and having tea parties.” I was quiet for a minute and said “Yeah… Nathan really likes to run and throw things. It’s pretty fun.”

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