Some Realizations

I’ve got four drafts in my draft box that have stagnated from lack of creative blogspiration.  I remember reaching that point around this stage in my pregnancy with the mackerdoodle too, but I was renovating a house, and experiencing pregnancy for the first time, so I managed to get some original content out there.

This time around, I’ve just realized is different.  I know.  How long does it take me to figure out that every pregnancy is different?  Apparently almost 31 weeks. 

My first clue was coming home from school last Friday.  It was noon.  The mackerdoodle was snoozing in the back seat.  My back and ribs and round ligaments were aching, and I felt like taking a nap.  “What’s wrong with me?”  I thought.  “I worked a full day when I was pregnant with the mackerdoodle and I don’t remember coming home from school feeling like this!”  That’s when I realized that school was over by 28 weeks with the mackerdoodle.  I had my entire third trimester during summer break.  Oh.  That’s different.

Then, as Jonathan was working on finishing the granite on our pass through, I got wondering why some of the things on my list of things to do hadn’t been done in the two years we’ve been living in the house.  It came like a flash!  I’ve been either pregnant or nursing the entire time we’ve lived in the house!  In fact, I’ve been pregnant or nursing for 28 months consecutively. (30 if you count my first pregnancy).  In my wildest dreams, as I was praying for a baby, I never ever considered I would be in that position.  In fact, it was so foreign to my mind that here I am, more than two years into it, and I only just realized it.  What an awesome gift of God! 

So my blogspiration may be taking a break, but my brain is periodically coming up with thoughts.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted.  🙂


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One response to “Some Realizations

  • Marianne

    Take it easy, lady.

    Quick question: Did you have the round ligament pain at all with little mac? I was in pain for the last three months with Nathan. I don’t know if women really carry boys and girls differently, so I’m just curious.

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