Siren Song

Two years ago, when I was pregnant with the mackerdoodle,  a fierce storm swept through Alabama and Georgia.  Tornadoes wrecked havoc on Enterprise, AL, and Harris, Muscogee, Talbot, Taylor, and Sumter Counties in Georgia.  During that storm, we went out for supper with our friend Rob, and then came home and sat in our tiny apartment living room watching T.V. while sirens sounded.  At one point Jonathan said to me, “If you hear a sound like a freight train, you should probably sit in the hallway.”

Last night storms swept through the Southeast, generating hail and tornadoes.  When the sirens sounded, Jonathan immediately sent me and the mackerdoodle into the middle bathroom.  He put pillows in the shower and brought us a flashlight (in case the power went out), a jug of juice and cups, (in case we got caught in the bathroom for an extended period because of debris), our cell phones (in case we needed to call for help) and the Glock (?).  The mackerdoodle dozed fitfully in her shower bed, and I read.  Jonathan hovered at the television, with the laptop at his finger tips, monitoring radar and local forecasts, ready to jump into the bathroom with us should the need arise.

It’s the difference not only between one who is a father, and one who is not, but also in one who saw the twisted metal and torn up neighborhoods two years ago and has a real comprehension of what a tornado can do.

We didn’t have so much as a branch down again and west central Georgia fared much better this time around, but the days of sitting beside a window as the tornado sirens blare are over for our little family.

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