Happy Birthday

Today is my husband’s birthday, and I am reminded every year how much more I love him than I did the year before.  I am a blessed woman! 

One year, I made the mistake of throwing him a surprise birthday party, because that’s what *I* would have wanted.  For my shy husband, it was a torture worse than thumbscrews or the rack.  I learned my lesson.  Today we’ll be taking our “Buy one Entree, get one entree” coupon to Smoky Bones and having a family celebration.  Then we’ll pick up some Tiramisu from Publix and share it after the mackerdoodle has her bath and falls asleep.  There will be no singing servers, or banners, or balloons.  In short, it will be exactly the type of celebration my Jonathan loves.

So if you like my husband, and you see him today, you can shake his hand and say “Happy Birthday”, or you could pat him on the back and say “heard you’re a day older.”  That’s all he really wants.  Trust me.  I learned the hard way.


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6 responses to “Happy Birthday

  • Tera Montgomery

    Please pass along a nice quiet Happy Birthday to Jonathan from us 🙂

    I am learning so much from you! I think I try too hard to include Loran in all of my OWN traditions that I forget to ask him what he actually wants.

  • Marianne

    Happy birthday to your guy, Coralie! The Targo’s 32nd birthday was on Easter Sunday … April babies are good. 🙂

  • Carole

    happy ,happy day,to our dear first son in law

  • Elna

    Happy, Happy Birthday Jonathan.

  • Kristi-Anna

    Happiest of birthday’s to Jonathan!! I know much of that story in your linked post… not all, but most. Who was J’s roomate then? I forget. Who was Melissa’s roomate?! Who was getting wooed, that I can’t recall! LOL!

  • melissa

    Every day this week, when it was Elijah’s turn to pray, he has thanked God for Uncle Jonathan and asked that he may have a good day at his house. So we have been thinking of you on these days, Jonathan, as always, and hope your birthday was as wonderful as we think you are!

    And please, have a good day at your house – and anywhere else you may find yourself – it will be an answer to a little boy’s prayers!

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