I Know a . . .

A week ago a friend of ours (who happens to be married to our pastor) gave me two kids CDs so the mackerdoodle would have some music in our van.  One of them is a series of fun Christian songs and the other is a collection of fun nursery rhyme style kids songs like “The Ants Go Marching” and “Old McDonald” which are some of the mackerdoodle’s favorites.  There are a lot I’ve never heard before, like “Let’s Go Fishing at the Crawdad Hole,” so periodically Jonathan and I find ourselves stopping a conversation and saying “What did they just sing?”

One such song that made us both sit up and take notice had the following lyrics:

I know a Weenie Man
He owns a weenie stand
He sells most everything from hotdogs on down
Someday I’ll change his life
I’ll be his Weenie Wife
Hot Dog!  I love that Weenie Man!  (repeat)
By the second time through, we both had tears in our eyes from trying to suppress our middle school boy style giggles.  You see for Jonathan and for me the word weenie had a lot of connotations growing up, and none of them applied to a carnival food.  The song just took us back to that stage in our lives when words like “weenie” and “dorcas” made us giggle.
To make matters worse, as I listened to the song, I began to think about the way my mackerdoodle says words right now: water is “wawee”, flowers are “fwawee”.  I fear that should my daughter try to sing the weenie man song, it would come out this way:  “I know a wee-wee man, he owns a wee-wee stand . . .” and it would go downhill from there. 
In my mind’s eye I saw a time in the not too distant future when we are meeting new people in St. Louis and all of a sudden my daughter would sing out “I know a wee-wee man.”  The hypothetical person would look shocked and say “Who taught your daughter that song?”  I made a decision the second the scenario came into my mind.  I’ll just have to be honest and tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. 
If asked who taught my daughter to sing about a “wee-wee” man, I would look them in the eye and say “My pastor’s wife.”

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5 responses to “I Know a . . .

  • Jawan

    My head is really hurting this morning so the laughter that came from my mouth as I read this post didn’t help the pain. It’s so funny that you mentioned this because I was in the car with my kids when we first heard the song. My oldest said, “What did they just sing? Did they say weenie?”. The boys were laughing b/c of the rhyming with the word – and, weenie naturally has a funny sound to it. Thanks for reminding me.

    Remember I mentioned that I had 300 (?) children’s songs downloaded on my computer that I’ve yet to burn to CDs? You’re in line for the next batch of 50….and I’ll make sure there are no songs about weenies.

    Your pastor’s wife

  • a suburban housewife

    Unbelievable! Rob sings this all the time- though he swears he and his brother made it up- HA!

  • julie

    That’s a classic! We grew up singing it at camp, followed directly by the Oscar Meyer song of course…try it, you’ll see it’s the perfect medley.

  • julie

    No wait! It’s all coming back to me. The girls sang this song and the boys sang the Oscar Meyer song, and we would then sing it at the same time, they join together in and for you it will come in handy if you want to teach your children the complimentarian view haha.

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