And That’s Why I’m In Jail . . .

. . .  not really, but I think after you hear the conversation I just had you’d believe I acted in self defense.

I stopped by a Dollar General store near our school to pick up a couple of things before my first class started, and as the check-out lady approached me, she said, “Oh, you look like you’re ready to go at any time.  When’s your due date.”

When I told her I had 6 weeks until my due date, she looked incredulous and asked, “Are you having twins?”

“No.”  I replied.  “Just a big boy, I guess.”

“Oh good.  A boy and a girl.”  She replied.  “And then I hope they’ll tie your tubes.”

I had no response.  Was she commenting  on me personally?  She went on:

“Everyone’s having too many babies these days and the doctor’s aren’t doing anything to stop it.  I had to beg them to tie my tubes after my daughter.  They kept telling me I might change my mind.  I think it should be a routine procedure . . . ” and then, mercifully, my debit card processed, and she handed me the bag and I escaped a potentially harmful situation.

So what would you have said in a situation like that?  Or would you be calling your husband to bail you out of jail on an assault charge?

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12 responses to “And That’s Why I’m In Jail . . .

  • Tera Montgomery

    Oh my goodness I would so be in jail! I think my husband would have been in jail in the next cell over but I know my children would understand 🙂

    I applaud you for holding back but somehow I imagine that was only because of your sense of duty to your students…had it been AFTER classes, you totally would have taken her down 🙂

  • Marianne

    That is beyond RUDE! Oh my word! I would have gone all crazy pregnant lady on her, Coralie. You’re entitled.

  • julie

    Are you serious???? I don’t know what to say, and probably if I were you I would have been too in shock to say anything.

  • Loran

    Everyone wishes for a snappy comeback, but one never comes to mind until later.

    “It’s a good thing you got your tubes tied. You’ve screwed up enough children already.”

    “People like you make me favor retroactive birth control.”

    “Are you just permanently stuck on stupid, or is there a learning disability or birth defect that accounts for your idiocy?”

    “Come here, so I can hit you.”

    And my favorite:

    “Eat (stuff) and die, you evil woman.”

  • Nowheymama

    Wow. “We think babies are a blessing” with an evil glare, maybe?

  • AJU5's Mom

    Umm, yeah, even though I want two or three and MAY consider tying my tubes after 2, that doesn’t mean everyone should! She has no place to tell you how many kids to have! Also, I don’t think our population is growing that much. There are many people with 0 or 1 kids.

  • Laura

    Wow, that was completely tactless on her part. You handled it very well so I applaud you. When I was pregnant I was very big too and it drove me nuts when people insisted that I was having twins. UM HELLO….. YOUR RUDE!

  • Laura

    opps grammatical error………. YOU’RE

  • Renee

    I believe I would have been speachless.

  • Crista Cowan

    Oh dear. I would have landed in Jail Coralie. The lady was beyond rude and should have kept her opinions to herself. There is an old saying “Think before you speak”. Obviously thinking isn’t what she does best. Thus the dollar store job. (Sorry lord for that last statement)

  • Adrienne

    Oh my word, Coralie. What a thing to say! I would have been dumbfounded, but had Chris been there he would have had plenty to say. Unfortunately, I lack the gift of giving off-the-cuff retorts.

  • RustyBadger

    Yeah, I’d go back and explain to her and her supervisor that she is an incredibly tactless, rude person who needs to be sent away (Siberia? Guantanamo?) for re-education. You may not always have a quick come-back, but people like that are worth a return trip!

    Of course, she *is* working in a Dollar Store. Maybe that’s punishment enough?

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