That’s So Hot

My family is sleeping peacefully.  I’m not.  It’s not that late.  I bet Jawan is only just getting to her computer right now, and my sister is probably beginning a new project for the evening; but in my house, there’s nothing specific keeping me awake,  except being pregnant.

It’s warm here in West Central Georgia now, and I’m 34 weeks pregnant.  I’m having a hard time sleeping comfortably, sitting comfortably, walking comfortably . . . well, you get the picture.

Just before he went to bed, Jonathan asked me how I was feeling.

“Hot.”  I said.  “But not in the Paris Hilton sense.”

My husband, being both good and wise, told me he thought I was hot in the other way.  The best part, is that he really meant it.

So I’m sitting here, watching a really cheesy Lifetime Movie, and having to get up and walk around periodically to stop my restless legs from jumping rather than lying in bed and keeping my husband awake by tossing and turning in the bed.  That’s how a hot pregnant wife thanks her husband.


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