Daily Archives: May 7, 2009


Now that the mackerdoodle is communicating more effectively every day, we are having some very entertaining “discussions” in our house.  She has quirky little mannerisms that we have a hard time not incorporating into our own language.  For instance: she’s fascinated with letters and words.  She calls them “A-Bs”.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?  The song “Old McDonald” is “eye-eye”, cars are beep-beeps, meals are num, or, if she’s really hungry, numeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

But one of the things she says fairly clearly is “amen.”  It comes out a little like an old Rabbi:  “ahmeen,” but she says it after every prayer at meals and family worship and staff devotions at school.  Because we sing the doxology every night to finish our family worship, she will also often use it to end her made up little songs (lyrics like: “a b a b i i i i la la ahmeen”).

Wednesday morning we were listening to a sermon about marriage on the way to school.  The preacher made the point that when we walk away from difficult things and times, we are often short circuiting God’s act of sanctification in our lives.  I patted Jonathan on the shoulder and said “That’s how you should think of me, dear.  I’m a big old helping of super concentrated sanctification.”

Before Jonathan could respond, the mackerdoodle chimed in from the back seat.