Daily Archives: May 8, 2009

Close, But still not a Twitterer (tweeter?) (twitterater?) (twit?)

Neal Boortz – Boortz.com

If you’re a friend on facebook, you may know that Neal Boortz was #1 on my list of celebrities I’d like to meet.  If you read my 25 things post, you’ll know that he’s one of three people I included in my dream birthday celebration.  You may get the idea that I’m a fan, and that would be a safe assumption to make.  Until I started teaching, I listened to him every morning from 9 am until 1 pm.  I don’t always agree with him, but he’s the only talk radio host I can listen to continuously without getting bored and changing the channel.

I have blogged in the past about how underwhelmed I am with Twitter – underwhelmed enough that I had never even clicked on an “I’m on twitter” link for friends I dearly love.  I just didn’t care.  Then Neal Boortz announced that he was twittering (tweeting?)  (twitterpated?).

Suddenly I NEEDED to be on Twitter!  I had to know what brief thoughts went through the Talkmaster’s mind as he went through his radio program.  I clicked the link. . .

. . .  and less than a minute later, I closed the window and went on with my day.

If Neal Boortz. who can talk about bad drivers for 30 minutes and hold my attention through the entire thing can’t hold my attention on Twitter, then my initial feelings on Twitter were correct.  So I’m still not Twitterpated, and not likely to become so anytime soon.

I would, however, still be delighted if Neal Boortz, Karl Rove and Charles Krauthahmmer came to my birthday party.  They could even Twitter about it if they wanted to.