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The Social Security Administration released the top 1000 baby names for 2008 yesterday, and cheesedoodle’s chosen first and middle names are found in the top 500. This makes us much more populist this time around, as our mackerdoodle’s first name was 877 on the list in 2007 (the year she was born).  Her middle name, however, is in the top 10 and has been since 2001.

My first name has never appeared on the top 1000 list, and my middle name has never broken the top 50.

Jonathan has, on the other hand, been consistently in the top 100 since 1962 and wll into the top 50 since 1969.

My sister’s first name is a popular one – appearing in the top 10 from 1967 to 1984 – while her middle name has consistently dropped in popularity since 1959.

So what about you?  How popular is your name?  Would you pick a name just because of its popularity, or would you go the other name and veto a favored name because it was too popular?


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3 responses to “If You’re Wondering

  • AJU5's Mom

    My name (and my husband’s) are fairly popular. Our daughter’s name is also popular, but we didn’t even think about popularity when we picked it. The boy name we have picked out isn’t popular though (we don’t have a girl name – they are a lot harder!).

  • Jawan

    Don’t even go there.

  • Marianne

    According to the baby name book we read, my name is practically extinct. My dad wanted to name me after his mom, Norma Jean, NO KIDDING! But, my mom nixed that. So, they named me after my mom (her name is Ann Marie).

    Our last name is very uncommon, so we thought it was perfectly appropriate to give Nathan a common name.

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