Deja Vu

Those of you who have been faithful readers here at the blog since the mackerdoodle was Pomegranate, may remember that around 36 weeks my doctor started checking the progression of her pregnancy toward delivery.  Each week he would check and each week she had not descended and I showed no sign of effacement or dilation.  By week 38 he was talking about inducing labor, and in the end the mackerdoodle arrived on her own almost a week after her due date, on the morning I was scheduled to be induced.

Well, I’m at 36 weeks with the Cheesedoodle, and I’ve been telling everyone I’d be fine with him arriving a little early.  With the mackerdoodle I didn’t have any contractions until a week before she was born.  In fact, I wrote a blog post about experiencing my first Braxton-Hicks contractions with her.  I described the contractions in GREAT detail, and then finished the post with:

“I’m not experiencing any Braxton Hicks even now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.”

Yeah.  I was that in tune with things.  ANYWAY.   Having experienced Braxton Hicks with the Cheesedoodle for the past six weeks, I was hoping that meant he was going to be much more anxious to hang out with us in person than his sister was.

I was wrong.

My doctor measured my girth and checked me and then said, “Let’s just check the stats from your last pregnancy.”

There was flipping of pages, and the scratching of a pen, and then, “Yeah, you’re looking exactly like last time.”

Exactly?  Well, my blood pressure is low, but other than that I’m apparently doing a re-run.  He’s head down, but high and I have neither effacement or dilation.  I asked him if that meant I’d be looking at another late pregnancy.

“That would be my bet right now.  But these things can change.  We’ll check again next week.”

Hmmmm.  I’d better stop hoping for that early delivery, hadn’t I?  I may be 36 weeks along, and 5 weeks from delivery.


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2 responses to “Deja Vu

  • Melinda

    bahahahhaaaaaaaaa……love the description of last time’s braxtons…we were so the same….this time quite different isn’t it….I’ve dropped but am telling myself the same thing…that I probably have five weeks to go….

  • AJU5's Mom

    AJU5 was 4 days early. I hope Junior #3 comes a little early too (although I have a LONG way to go!). At least you have a “warning” that it might be late! I think that is better than it coming earlier than you expected!

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