Daily Archives: May 21, 2009

The Best With a Bad Surprise

In the first week of summer vacation lst year, we had a leak in our kitchen.   Fortunately, my parents were visiting, and my clever husband and father got the leak fixed in a day, but it left a little patch of water stain on our sheetrock.

Tuesday, while I was at my weekly doctor’s appointment, Jonathan decided to remove the small piece of sheetrock with the stain and replace it with a fresh piece to help the house show better.  He removed the piece and a four foot long, 30 inch wide piece of ceiling fell on him.  Apparently when he and Dad fixed the leak a year ago, some water got trapped in the layers in the ceiling and has been sitting there ever since.  It couldn’t evaporate, and it was sealed in place, just making things in a small place mushy.  When I got home from my appointment, there was a hole in the kitchen ceiling and a very frustrated husband underneath it.

Fortunately the wet patch was very localized and in one day (yesterday) Jonathan was able to remove all the damp material, re-build the ceiling and replace the sheetrock.  By 4:00 yesterday, I was back in the kitchen, able to cook supper.    Jonathan was standing under the newly mudded sheetrock looking at it saying, “Amazing.  Usually projects like this get a lot worse before they get better.”

So it was probably a good thing that we found the problem and fixed it, rather than having someone buy the house from us and discover the problem and think we’d deliberately mislead them.  The new piece of sheetrock should be completely mudded, sanded and painted within the next day, and then Jonathan’s original plan – that the house should show better – will be a reality.

Now if we could just get some more people to come SEE the house.