I’m feeling better than I have in weeks this morning.  Jonathan, on the other hand, is alternating between the bed and the bathroom.  I think we have a virus living in the house!

As we speak to people about our upcoming move to St. Louis, I am fascinated at the same responses that continue to come up from so many different people.  The first, because we’re in the south, is: “Oh, you’ll be so cold in the winter.”  I probably will, but I’ll adjust.  The other common response is that Covenant Seminary will offer me so much opportunity.

I know where people are coming from when they say this.  Covenant Seminary offers a 100% spouse scholarship, so that I could enroll in a Master’s program – or even one or two classes – at no charge and for full credit.  It is a unique, and fantastic program and I may take advantage of it at some point; however, right now, the opportunity to which I am looking most forward is the opportunity to stay at home and raise my children and manage my household.

I don’t know how to say that to people.  I don’t want to sound like a contentious, or even militant, woman.  I would (and have) recommend the Covenant program to other couples.  I mean it is a great program – name another graduate school that will give a couple two degrees for the price of one, and in many cases two degrees for half the price of one.  At another point in my life this would be the most exciting opportunity to come down the pike for me in a long time.

At another point in my life.

But right now I’m in the middle of an opportunity I had stopped hoping for.

I remember sitting in church events and hearing children call out “Mama!”  Every mother’s head in the room would turn toward the title.  My head didn’t turn.  I didn’t have that title.  But now I do, and I don’t want to miss a second of this incredible opportunity.  Everything else will still be there in a few years.


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One response to “Opportunity

  • julie

    I’ve never heard of a program like that, that’s awesome! Sounds like something we would have been interested way back, probably before having so many children hehe. I think you’re right in foregoing the opportunity at this point in your life though, you might find yourself busy enough…(slight understatement!)

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